Our products are consistently one of the top 4 offerings (sales and profitability) on the distributor line card for the top 75% of distributor revenue production

The distributor is transparent how our product is priced to their end user customers and we are supportive of them optimizing their margin $.

We have developed a shared set of leading sales indicators and review our progress with distributor top management at least annually.

We feel we have meaningful distributor mind share and commitment to achieve sales goals.

We have a transparent web site sharing program that allows transparency. Their web site links are translated and updated in the local language.

Our sales personnel have regular customer visits with customers in the local market (at least 2X/year) and we set market goals annually.

We have regular product and sales training programs (at least annually) with the top 70% of the distributors in our global network.

90% of our distributors pay us on a consistent basis that is mutually acceptable with our management.

The tenure of our top 10 distributors exceeds 7 years.

Our top 10 distributors have consistently told us we are the easiest supplier to do business with.

We have an annually updated global accounts program that details specific accounts and distributor compensation or rewards programs.