Export Readiness

Companies sometimes wonder when they will be export ready. I have developed a short export readiness survey to determine if your business is export ready for collaboration with an export management company (EMC). Some of the respondents may determine that they are export ready without the assistance of an export management company-we will tell you that too if you want us to review your score. The focus of this survey is for manufacturers. Distributors or service companies need to have local feet on the street to be successful and need not complete the readiness survey because they would sell direct in foreign markets.

The next 10 questions are simple true/false statements about your company. Answer them to the best of your ability. If your total score is 8 or more you may be ready to export now through an export management company and may want to contact us to determine next steps.

My primary business is selling standard products to my customers-we are not primarily a job shop.

There is a high value add (engineering design/materials/delivery) to our products which allows us to competitively differentiate our products and sell them at a higher price than others in this same market.

We have internal logistics skills that allow us to prepare complete export and industry certifications for one day shipments to end user customers outside the US.

We have a multi-lingual customer service staff and have flexible customer service hours to meet the demands of foreign accounts.

Our products have simple installation and service procedures that can be accomplished through written English language instruction.

Our products have intellectual property protection.

Our existing sales staff has the capability and time to service export sales channels.

We have developed a dealer/distributor handbook and programs to sell our products through third channels in foreign markets.

Product training for our customer service personnel is less than 5 days at the outset.

Our company understands how to evaluate foreign credit risk and has a complete understanding of the most current INCOTERMS.